Sunday, March 31, 2013

Illustration Friday - Egg

Illustration Friday "Egg" submission by Kimberly Naumann -
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This week's Illustration Friday theme is the word "egg". I figured that a large percentage of participants would be going with an Easter theme since it's Easter weekend. I wanted to do something different! Lately I've been enjoying Geninne Zlatkis' Instagram photos of her home in Mexico. With warmer weather approaching, my longing for summer and the recent images of Mexico, I was inspired! The choice to illustrate a person rather than my usual cute birds and critters was also an inspired choice. Last night I stumbled across a new artist, or at least a new to me artist. Her name is Sarah Hand. She paints adorable happy pictures of people and makes charming papier mache figures that are SO wonderful I felt the need to sketch late last night. The sketch turned into my Illustration Friday piece. It's very Frida-esque! "Maria" was first sketched in pencil, then painted with acrylics and coloured pencil. She was lovingly placed atop a collaged 5" x 7" background on board.


  1. I love your Frida! And the patterns are great!

    1. Thank you hedwig! I'm so happy you like her, thank you so much for commenting! :)


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